The tide: personal genome sequencing

14 10 2011

I cannot be more excited to share what I read today, all about the personal genome sequencing.

First let’s watch the TED talk by Richard Resnick, CEO of GenomeQuest.

Also, several related companies additional the well-known 23andMe:

Of course, I want to broadcast a blog,, written by a group of graduate students, postdoc, and professor etc. from different countries. They wrote very good quality blogs (including the one excited me today, about discussion the possible error in a recent Science paper), and more interesting is that they post their personal SNP data (from above companies) online and you can download and browse the data. Cool?

Ending with what Rick said in his TED talk, “And at the time — this was a few years ago — it cost $100,000. Today it’s $10,000. Next year it’s $1,000. The year after it’s $100, give or take a year. That’s how fast this is moving.” Exactly, that’s how fast this is moving! How about us? and how about me?