16 03 2010

Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist

Mixing humor with heartbreak, Naturally Obsessed tells a profoundly
real yet intensely dramatic story about three irrepressible graduate
students in a race to beat the competition to discover the switch that
controls appetite in the human body. The pressure is on, as they each
deal with personal challenges. Rob, a perennial dropout, dares himself
to stay the course. Kilpatrick wavers between easy life and academic
success. Gabriele hovers between high aspirations and self-doubt. Their
mentor, Larry, a young professor deeply committed to passing on the
baton of science, urges his students to apply creativity to solve
problems, while encouraging them to embrace the emotional roller
coaster of doing science. Over three years of filming, verite scenes of
intense hands-on research reveal the ups and downs of the
mentor-student relationship, the collaboration that science depends on,
and the self-knowledge that success requires. Gabriele finally admits
that she prefers to work in a team rather than independently and quits
the PhD program. Kilpatrick, having pushed to get through the PhD
quickly, takes a job in business. Rob comes close to dropping out, but
driven by his passion to make an impact and by Larry’s unreserved
confidence in him, scores a breakthrough success.

// wanna watch!



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