My 30th birthday

7 05 2009
Hey, it’s my 30th birthday today!

Great thanks to BCCS, my work place. Thanks for Monika to organize such a sweet celebration for me. More than 30 ppl came for that. So sweet, so 贴心!Never ever had such a HUGE birthday cake! Thanks for everyone, again! I think I was touched today by the group.

In the short (but proved to be successful) speech, I thanked my mum and my boss Boris, who brought me to the world I live and the world I like. Mum called me in the early morning 3:00am yesterday, just to say ‘happy birthday’ to me. I am happy to see that she is still alive to see I am healthily and happily living in the world, which has been worrying her since after my birth. (Research says "Mum’s birth age may be key to long life [of son]". I guess her worry is reasonable, somehow). My ever-eldest mum, a hug for you!

Boris is in US for conference today, but I am sure he will be happy to hear what I said if he is present. We just submitted the second manuscript to HMG just before he left for the conference. He is such a nice person, both in science and in daily life. His patience, trust, and generousness will be a good example for my future career. BTW, I just got another contract from him, which assures me to continue my work here until  the end of the year, if I want. Thanks to Boris.

Also thanks to many friends, in-touched or not in-touched. Greetings on facebook from Stefano, Valeria, Chu Chu, Sadiye, David, Siv … are so nice to bring me back to the happy mood from unknown sadness in the morning. Thanks 01 for the nice song. It has been repeating for a whole day. Thanks to Yun for remembering my birthday. Thanks adao, my dear brother. Hope you are enjoying your dating in such a romantic city. Thanks to Lijiao for sweet gift. Thanks for Ann, and kuangkuang as usual. …
OK. I have to return to the saved draft for my birthday blog, after a long-hour sleeping since the beer night yesterday. Costing 1500 krone is even not enough to have myself drunken, due to the unbelievable price for alcohol in Norway. But luckily, I still refreshed my pub record here; we stayed 5+ hours in Naboen. And again, I know now how strong Vodka is, and how different it’s from Chinese wine. I even hit myself to the street wall on the way back, still with pain on head and palm now. BUT ANYANYANYHOW, thanks to the dude who joined in the beer yesterday. Thanks for the gift from Kib and Mia. So sweet you are!
Life is short, and time is quick. Before I am ready to be my 30th, I am already in the first day of to-be my 31st. Of course, I had a lot of thinkings at this special moment. Questions like "science or business?", "what to be 30th means for a man?" were discussed between me and my friends/colleagues, as usual. For me, 30th is the age of making choices/decisions. What do I want? Where to go? and what to insist on? I guess I have been suffered by questions like these for a while, obviously earlier than I resigned from P&G. As David said, the difficult/important task is to be able to answer that question exactly. It takes effort and deep thinking to find out, to be more aware of who we are, what we do, what we like, and what we don;t like. The big panda suggested to first become aware of telling the difference between fulfilling other peoples expectations, and our own, is a good step. Hmm, that might be useful tips.

OK. For me, the important task within the rest of the year is to get graduated with nice record, and to find a position for next step, either in indurstry or research. (At the moment, to attach in science is still a preferred option). If I want to defense in September, leaving 2.5month for the committee, and 1~1.5m for writing thesis, I at least should start writing thesis from June 1st. That means I only have less than one month to finish my current 3rd manuscript. It’s still pushing, and again, think about how demanding the revising course is, it’s more than pushing. OK, time is never too much. Cheer up, man! Let’s go for it!

p.s. Nice mucis from 01, enjoy it!




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7 05 2009

Man, Happy birthday! :DGreeting from Africa!

7 05 2009

Happy Birthday, Xianjun !

7 05 2009

Greeting from France ! 🙂

7 05 2009
Mr. Nepal

Nice one from a charming chinese guy !I am sure you will be in successful in whatever you do next, either science or business. Wish you all the best in every steps of your life.

7 05 2009


7 05 2009

Wish further success and happiness in your 30s 😀

7 05 2009

Happy birthday! Best wishes to you.

11 05 2009

THANKS, ladies and gentlemen! Great honour to see you around in my life.btw, one more good news, my 1st manuscript (which submitted to Genome Biology) got positive response from both referees. I guess it will take a while until formally published, but very soon! 🙂 Salud!

11 05 2009

man you are great.

11 05 2009

man, you are great as well!Have you decided the time to Bergen? The weather is ready for you.

13 05 2009


15 05 2009


8 06 2009

生日快乐。呵呵,晚了一些。通过同学的同学的博客绕过来,看到你写同学、家里人,也想起很多高中的同学和家里人来。take care!

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