virgin publication

10 02 2009
Hey, enjoy it. Even though it’s trivial and nothing relevant to my PhD, but anyhow, it’s a PUBLICATION!! And my first time, very virgin, ha~ (meanwhile, if you can pay 10min to read it, I can guarantee it’s an interesting story).

The brainstorm [Essay]

Dong, X.  

University of Bergen, Norway;

This paper appears in: Potentials, IEEE

Publication Date: January-February 2009

Volume: 28, 

Issue: 1

On page(s): 8-9

ISSN: 0278-6648

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/MPOT.2008.931159

Current Version Published: 2009-01-19

PDF download (760 KB)

It’s as origin as virgin, but not so painful as virgin. The actual painful experience with long-time expected turnover is what I am tasting. I believe it will come out soon. Very soon, let’s believe so. I am becoming desperate, frustrate and even bit disappointed, at the end of my PhD. After talking with Boris/David and those nice busters in the group, I can feel a bit relax. Doing science is not something like cooking a dinner, or eating a fast noodle. From my current experience, patience and persistence are the essential elements. It’s a long way, anyway. 正所谓:“路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索”

Keep going, man!



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10 02 2009

Congratulations, add oil , my dear friend, you are always the best one !

11 02 2009


11 02 2009

Wow, sooooo cooooool, you wrote a science fiction! Chinese boy, western girl, Bergen, cognitive memory chip, these really attract readers:)"A loop of sadness and guilt where the message could not escape." It reminds me a movie "Ready to Kill", did you see that?And expecting your academic publication, Prof Dong:)

11 02 2009

haha~ You are the first reader here, I guess. Thanks~I did not watch the movie "Ready to Kill", but you remind me the movie "Total recall / 宇宙威龙/全面回忆" by Schwarzenegger. Actually the image of brain chip in my plan is more nicer than that in the movie.

11 02 2009


11 02 2009

to 01: 你还记得《转角遇到爱》中的蚵仔煎吗?其实我是有点借用一点那个剧情的,就是Gumi从中国跑到挪威追随Kamila,就像秦朗跑到台湾去找俞心蕾。to 利娇:结局?没有结局阿,科幻都没有结局的,呵呵!如果一定有,我想那个brain chip可以最终帮助Gumi找回失去的记忆,然后upload到他脑中(是不是很恐怖?),帮助他重新认识Kamila。BTW,我一直以为你的名字是“丽娇”,不好意思。

14 02 2009


16 02 2009


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