F*ck the western media!

4 08 2008
Look at the top news about China in Google News! Look at the f*cking west media! Air pollution, internet access, human right, these are the 3 only topics which have been alternatively talking by them as the top news for recent week.(Actually, it cannot be called as a news by definition).OK, now they have another news, a really needed news occurred on time for them. "China Hit by Terror Attack", "China welcomes IOC as attack kills 16", "World still wary of modern China"…Look at the titles! We totally can not see any signal about friendship. Gosh!! What do you want to say? Karma? Are you fucking west guys happy with the attacking? Does anyone call the killed cops? Where is your fucking announced human right? Where is your fucking so-called news fair? (If I am right, I still remember how your BBC/CNN/German Post/Washington Post cheat on the report of Tibetan riot.) Could you PLEASE take some time to listen to the residents living in China, instead of digging the pieces of shit news? China is opening the door of talking, building the bridge for communication. But what the fucking did you guys do? Are you jealous of the development of China, or scared of the waking-up lion? FUCK!!! I have to use your word on you. Please DO take time to understand us Chinese people, if you really want to care us. Otherwise, shut up your fucking mouth. We don’t care the pieces of shit.




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