Coolest stuff in the world

18 06 2008
If you ask me: what’s the coolest stuff in the world, in your mind?
DEFINITELY and WITHOUT ANY HESITATE, I will answer: it’s iPhone 3G.

GPS (esp. needed for someone), camera, multi-touch, 3G speed, … beside these highlights in hardware, the iPhone software 2.0 offers well-developed SDK, which makes user develop their own programs easily and more funny.
"It’s amazing!", as Steve Jobs said.  (Strong recommend the keynote from this year’s WWDC)

A bad news is about Steve Jobs’s health, which says his tumor got serious again. His sick-looking from the release conference seems to evidence the rumor. So sad if it’s true. Steve is really the soul leader for Apple, and for us. God bless him.




4 responses

19 06 2008

Professor Lu just got one IPHONE.

20 06 2008

He is always cool somehow.

5 07 2008


15 09 2008

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