quality control

3 12 2007
learning from group meeting and current issues:

1. Do quality control yourself
Never expect other to do that for you; If someone does, it’s your luck, which happened rarely, normally. As a responsible man, remember to control the quality of what you said and/or did. Never throw others things that you are not 100% sure. "Xianjun, please be careful (again) with what you send to biologists."

2. Talk with your collaborator in their language

think about how others could understand it before you write/talk to others, in their language, not your own language. If not sure, ask before you talk.

3. Relax and focus (R&F)

I found this is a golden rule for everything, relax and focus (R&F). Don’t worry, don’t be nervous, don’t be shy, don’t feel shame… all of these emotional things should be removed. The first thing, and most important step is to relax. Take it easy! And then focus on the problem, focus on the issue, with brave heart, calm emotion, and rational logics. To focus is the key to be efficient as well. So, if you could act with the rule of "relax and focus", nothing in the world could not be done, just takes time.

4. Do things correctly, but not in a hurry
Take your time. Don’t lose your reputation by doing things in a hurry and in bad detail. Mies van der Rohe once said, "God lives in the details." A bad result or a result in chaos is worse than no result. Remember it!

Good luck, man!




2 responses

3 12 2007

Nice writing, I have studied a lot from your words! Just go ahead with what you are thinking and keep relax besides what you are doing. Xianjun~~~~haha, I am just jealous much~~~~

3 12 2007

hi, Xiaofeng. Welcome hereActually, I am jealous of you MUCH MORE. You know why, ha? 🙂

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