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21 08 2007

— 335 movies (so far)

The hard disk (500G) I ordered is delievered today. I finally move first step to the dream of collecting all nice movies I have seen. It’s definitely a tough task, and also a subjective one; because I am not sure what I collected are the real excellent one, on the other hand, I am also not confident my ken to the movies is broad enough (so, if you have some good Movie / TV / Documentary / else to share, feel free to write to me). Nevertheless, it would be a happy job, I guess for most of you, right?
Of course, I should say thanks to Thomas, my roomate in the NANO course. It’s he arouse me to act on it so efficient, and importantly he is a movie lover as well.
OK, here is the list of movies I have now. Sure, it’s ‘illegal’ to offer download here.

— Good knowledge-learning in Google vedio

I am not sure if you guys already knew this website — "Tech Talks at Google". Whatever, it’s highly recommended by my Turkey friend, Dr. Altuna. And particularly some of them are intersting, and useful to understand the world.
a) The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less 
b)  "DNA and the Brain" – Dr. James Watson (the Nobel winner for the discovery of DNA helix structure)
c) The
Google Story
: David Vise talks about his book on
d) How
to Survive a Robot Uprising
: Daniel Wilson stars in this sci-fi
horror story.
e) Scaling Laws In Biology And Other Complex Systems

— Norwegian: Time, Job, and Professionality

I guess it’s funny to make an analogy of "NANO: Science, Technology and Ethics" to talk about the Norwegian from my experience last night.
It is actually a very shamed story for me to share here (I’ve been scold for that for many times already); I supposed to go to Oslo for my passport renew today. My train to Oslo was 22:58pm yesterday night. But I was attracted by a movie in the TV (movie again!). When I was decieded to leave the room, it’s already 22:30. Until then, I was still with hope; normally the bus takes 10-15min to the train from where I live. But it’s night time, most bus are stopped already. I waitted a while and felt that. But I was still hopeful, not to the bus, but to the lift; I thought the kind Norwegian could give me a lift, only if I want. But unfortunately, none of the cars stop for my waving, even no any evidence of speed-down. SHIT! Only 15min left~ Finally, there is a bus from airport (Flybussen). Normally it only stops for getting off. I hope it would be useful if I ask for a lift. But F**K again, the driver just said "no" and even without continue to listen my ‘excuse’. SHITSHITSHIT! The passengers were gone, and only me there again. I really wanted to cry. You know, if I can not catch the train, my flight ticket would also be cancelled, and I have to find another time to there again, and my passport is expired….
BUT I am also lucky (who said so?). The bus finally came. It’s 22:47, only 11min left. I became very calmly, just said to the bus driver, "My train is leaving in 11min. Thanks". It’s a lady, she gave me a look and said "I try, but not promise". You know, I am almost hopeless, even she would like to try; I never took bus from Fantoft to downtown within 15min. But do you know? we(she) finally tried sucessfully. She did not use the full speed, she did not miss anybody on the stops, she did not start and stop the bus uncomfortablly. What she did, or what she moved me is she is very professional on the whole way; Before the door open for passengers getting on, she already got the ticket ready; She could check the time occasionally, and tried to help me to call the train(even we did not find the phone number); She won’t go one more second earlier when the light is red; She told me where is the shortcut after I got off… I know it’s my fault, nothing with the people in the car, nothing with the flybussen driver, nothing with the bus lady. But they gave me a very good learning case; However time is urgent, do your job and do it professionally.




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    21 08 2007

    " time is urgent, do your job and do it professionally" 🙂 

    24 08 2007


    15 09 2008

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