Back home!

26 07 2007
Finally back to my cozy room after socking in Amsterdam airport for >5 hours. Goddamn!
Turn on TV at the first second. I am sure there would be native English channel. It won’t be so lucky in Austria.
Norway is not so ugly now, after experiencing the blistering days in Vienna. 42 degrees when we arrived there the first day. Really terrible without a working air conditioner, just like sleeping in an oven. Lovely Bergen finally welcomes me with some rain. Hmm, raining is not always awful, right?
ISMB is really a big conference, with terribly diverse topics. Luckily I could hear some interesting talks there, and met old friends. Hope I could be present as a talker next year.
Anyway, to be back to Bergen safely is the best thing. Cheers!



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26 07 2007


27 07 2007

hoho, maybe because I said some words that should not be broken. "一路顺风" .

27 07 2007

To 01 : Maybe not. Actually I was very happy to meet you in Vienna. Such a nice memory to walk along the bridge on Donau river with the sunset.BTW, I went to the City Hall with my Italy friend at the evening before I left there. I could finally watch the movie on the big screen. 🙂 We ordered beer and Austria food, talked a lot. Really nice~Oh, forget to say thanks to the card you left. So kind.

15 09 2008

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