Johanna’s book

30 03 2007

Johanna Lindbäck

En liten chock

A Little Shock

Gustav hoped for three things when he started high school:

1) A girlfriend, or at least a temporary girlfriend to have sex with, at least once.
2) A bunch of new friends who share his interests, in other words not sports.
3) A new personality.

Only a few months to go until graduation and Gustav has almost given up hope. But then the class gets a substitute English teacher, Eva. She has sparkling eyes and red cheeks and knows nothing about the normal Gustav. When Gustav starts speaking to her he nearly forgets himself. And in the midst if it all, he and Elin make a pact. They’re going to do something unexpected, something to make them less dissatisfied with themselves and their predictable lives. Something that stops them from dying of boredom and ennui. Things build up to a little shock …

• Fun, smart and romantic!
• A feel-good novel with a boy protagonist
• Perfect entertainment for the nearly adult reader

  • Young adult fiction
  • 224 pages
  • Published by Tiden
  • Originally published June 2007

Sterding: the new book from Johanna, David (my office-mate)’s girlfriend. Congratulations to her publication, finally! I could still remember the talk between us when she came to visit David. But it IS also a shock for me to hear that they stopped couple of days ago. Best wished to them, and hope them to be recovered, even though I "cannot understand it" (as david said).




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