Passed weekend

24 09 2006
Another weekend passed! Went fishing on Saturday(fish nothing again, but pretty nice weather), join in Altuna’s housewarming party, sleeping … In total, 60%.

SK-II encounters another wave of quality issue. I got to know the news this afternoon. No wander that Alfred and other P&Gers on MSN have "SK-II" in their MSN singnature. Very sad news for all P&Gers, I think. But also sad(even angry) news  for those SK-II customers. I felt shock when reading that P&G SH CBD office had beed hit by some rude customers. Anyway, this issue will lead a bad impact to P&G’s market. All a lot of abusing words about P&G appear in the website. I can understand the emotion of customers, but who know whether there is any background supporter/maker for this issue. Bussiness is just like a battlefield, combining lots of elements, like politics(Note: This issue happend around the special date, Seq 18th). We don’t know the background thing. But anyway, there is posinous composition in SK-II, even it may be below the dangerous limit. But who care it? Who let you have such a big market value in China?
Best wish to all old colleagues in P&G! Believe you all and believe P&G quality. Believe you will be back!

Surfing in the internet for the whole night~ Bad efficiency, but get some usful or/and funny websites. Share here:
2. (good sites for geek)
3. (His new blog changes to use WordPress now. I always believe/hope Windix would sell his website a good price someday later).
4. (interesting idea combining Google Earth and the TV program "Break Prison")
5. (story about Google, and a book Revolution in the Valley)
6. (Google Earth上可见到的最酷10张地图)
7. (用Gmail产生无限的E-mail地址)
8. (Google Earch Blog)




3 responses

28 09 2006

according to the complex feeling about age, women are fragile and gloomy, beyond SK-II or P&G…

30 09 2006

ha! so for a girl, the best SK-II is to marry sooner.

27 08 2008

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