“Every gene is a story.”

30 08 2006
"Every gene has a story!"
When I discussed the alternative splicing transcription things with Boris, he said so as a conclusive mark finally. It is true! In the current world of biology, different views and quickly developped ideas make it as a real world of "Nothing is impossible".

I was just wandering how and why a gene has some many different transcripts, do they expressed at the same time? or different tissues? (Boris said that some paper show that different transcripts are expressed in different tissues, but just ‘some’ paper. Nobody knows what the real case is. So, we still could argue that
1. How to define a gene?
2. Who/What is controlling the expression of different transcripts?
3. Why some exons are conserved (I mean "in stucture" here) between different transcripts? Even conserved among different species.
4. Is there really ESEs(Exonic splicing enhancers) for the alternative splicing? If yes, where they are? and what they are? how they control the alternative splicing happened?

I just remember there was a Nature paper entitled with "What’s a gene?" Yes, what’s the hell a gene?.The previously simple question become difficult to answer now. Roughly speaking, we can say a gene is a sequence slot with biological function in the genome. But how to exactly define a gene is still a big question waiting for us to solve. Maybe to define some term itself is not our point, but to understand, to see more of the mysterious world is actually our dream and where our curiosity is.

Anyway, just walk ahead, even only a very small step!




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