26 08 2006
Just come back from Fantoft Club. A totally new one in this semester. Yesterday, on the openning night, almost 80% Fantoft people went there(some of them went for winning the one-month-rent gift, hehe), which finally made it as a canned sardine. But it was better than tonight, cas I can feel free even though I am just a first-day beginner in dancing.

We just thought to ask Prof. Tulip to teach us dancing, like Waltz, Viennese Waltz, 3-steps, 4-steps like that. We may call for more people in Chinese students to join in our group together. Maybe it’s better chance, since Fantoft Club could already offer free and nice learning environment.

—————————————– Wiki knowledge

国际标准舞(International Standard)簡稱國標舞,或称国际标准交谊舞,又称体育舞蹈(Dancesport),是由社交舞(Ballroom Dance,或称舞厅舞)发展而来的一种竞技舞蹈。

摩登舞(Modern Dance)包括华尔兹维也纳华尔兹探戈狐步快步舞

拉丁舞(Latin Dance)包括伦巴恰恰桑巴捷舞斗牛舞

摩登舞(Modern Dance)

舞种名 英文名 发源地 节拍 速度(小节/分) 别称
华尔兹 Waltz 德国 3/4 30 慢华尔兹、三步舞、圆舞
探戈 Tango 阿根廷 2/4 40 欧洲探戈
狐步 Foxtrot 英国 4/4 30 慢狐步
快步 Quick Step 美国 4/4 50 快四步
维也纳华尔兹 Viennese Waltz 奥地利 6/8 60

拉丁舞(Latin Dance)

舞种名 英文名 发源地 节拍 速度(小节/分) 别称
伦巴 Rumba 古巴 4/4 27
恰恰恰 Cha-cha-cha 墨西哥 4/4 30
桑巴 Samba 巴西 2/4或4/4 50 森巴
斗牛舞 Paso Double 法国 2/4或6/8 62
捷舞 Jive 美国 4/4 44 牛仔舞




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27 08 2006


31 08 2006

hey sterding, long time no see~ maybe we can dance together next time~ I love dancing too^^

1 09 2006

welcomeThere are lots of good dancers, forighner and Chinese. And Tulip could teach us just for one beer as charge. haha~~

15 09 2006


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