ET, phone home!

19 08 2006
Successfully to find the favorite voice clip of  "ET, phone home"
also note this very good website for movie clip:

Just came back from IKEA. Really a far site from Fantoft, but luckily there is free bus for that.
It’s my first time to IKEA, even though there opens a new one when I was leaving Guangzhou. I still remember that the green tutle twin Justin bought from there. Very cute ones with soft skin.
But this afternoon, I did not buy anything, just walking around to select the furniture for Abdula with Akhil. There are some nice model of kitchen or bedrooms, very nice, simple design but comfortable space. Some bedroom are much small, but it’s easy to invoke your desire to sleep inside. I like it! 🙂

At evening, the neighbors, Ludo, Claudia, and Fernanda, including Akhil and me had a nice talk in music.
It looks like they know much in music, eps in european music.
For me, it’s almost empty! 😦
It’s better to know more except my major.




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