19 05 2006
Altuna will leave us for another position in London.

I don’t know why I feel sad. It may be I would lose a good partner. Boris told me that I shared the same position with a Turkey guy when the application went into the final hard-deciding turn. He came to Bergen 4 months earlier than me. I just remembered that there were four empty Cocacola bottles on his desktop; he is a guy like cola. That’s the only impression of him before I got to know that he is just an undergraduate student (but I’m a so-called master). I felt pressure and awkard/embrassment when I know that. He is clever and did very close project before he came here. So, when I feel "what is the fucking thing I can do?", I have to explain and comfort myself through that points. But actually, I know that it because of my poor Bioinformatics master got in China. I was a stranger in Linux, Perl, mySQL, I never did BLAST before, I did not know what the gene structure is, I felt excited when I saw Jim Kent’s old news… All these things which are familar for most (almost all) Bioinformatics researcher, however, are unacceptedly ‘fresh’ for me. That’s the most reason why I felt awkard often.

Now when I felt better,  but the partner would leave. I know it’s not my direct fault that makes him leave us. But I know, my poor ability in co-working is one of the elements that make him feel boring to stay here. And there maybe are some better positions actracting him meanwhile.

Anyway, I would try my best to convince him to keep stay with us. If he really had to leave Bergen, I had to say "Good luck" to him, and "thanks". He still gave me a lot of help, especially when learning Perl, and understanding the project.




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