Group meeting

4 05 2006

The regular group meeting had just passed. And the following list is what I should do immediately in the next time:
1. Correct the prostate data, and write detail of result to Boris.
    – add gene # column into the table (like the oPOSSUM paper did);
    – seperate up-regulate group and down-regulate group, and then compare
    – co-relationship between over-represented TFBS with up-regulated gene?
2. Update the fish (zebrafish, fugu, tetradon) UCRs database
    – run Blast again (based on the latest Zv5, Hg17…)
    – announce the table and database to group member (esp. David)
3. Go ahead Hox story
    – continue reading FFT, explain the 2 peaks
    – understand prof. Ram’s method on FFT; wavelet method application
    – integrate Altuna’s Ka/Ks result
    – next phrase prediction for SsBaa_SsBab conservation (alignment refine; FFT filter)
    – present the whole story(UCR-gene table, synteny, distribution, FFT…)

For myself,
1. Perl + CGI (build up the web-based HCNRapper application soon)
2. Get used to the Eclipse Perl programming
3. some reading/discussion about syteny research method/concept





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