Google Maps in Europe

30 04 2006
There is a big news in Google official blog today, Google Maps in Europe. It said that the beta versions of Google Maps for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain had been launched. From these sites, we can get the full suite of interactive street maps, driving directions, and integrated local business search, with high solution map. The following is screenshot for the test of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We can see that the line of visitors could also clearly be seen. Amazing!!! Also you can check out the Olympiastadion in Berlin, and the Grand Canal in Venice.
There is more API update for the Google Map. Interested!!! Some day, I can build up my own mapping system?
Hope the Google China group could work out the Google Map in China earlier!!!!!

BTW, today I found that Microsoft launched its Windows Live Mail beta version. I tried to apply for it, but felt it so so. Just an uncreative copy of Gmail, but not same friendly as Gmail. There is some so-called new functions in the live Mail, like right-click menu for reply/cc/reply all, layout color change, … but these features had been implemented by Google Gmail more than one year before. And there are even more fantastic functions in Google Gmail, like conversation-style email organization, fast(very fast) email search, instant message(GTalk) and email combination…. I especially like the structure of Gmail like a conversation, which makes me to easily find the full course of the email communication. Comparing with that, I really don’t know what Microsoft is doing. The new launch of Windows Live (including the messenger, the mail, and maybe others) could hardly make the users feel novel and fresh. hehe, just watching!


For Gmail, the only con thing is that it does not connect its Google blog with the
IM(instant message) and email. In my opinion, they are the three basic elements for the coming generation of net community. The provider who could win the market is the one who could combine these three part more fluently and more friendly. Looking from the current status, it seems that Microsoft works better, but I think it mainly because of the combination of MSN Messenger and MSN Space. En~~ How Google could do more to attract the user by better Gmail service? I wish Google could win the competition.

Google Microsoft

Google had named its Chinese name as 谷歌 recently. It worked out from the Google China group lead by Li Kaifu. I don’t feel it’s good, just felt strange. Don’t know why, just a little bit strange. Hope Google continue to keep the character of "simple and creative", don’t hurt by the uncreative group of Chinese! hehe§§




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