Castle of Gamlehaugen

17 04 2006
It’s the excited blue and cotton-like white! When I glimpsed outside of the sky suddenly, I found it. It was a sunny morning, amazing good weather for this rainy holidays. Since all guys preferred to stay in room, why not take camera and ride to the Castle alone? I dreamed it for a long time.

But the weather in Bergen is really changable. When I ride across the bridge in front of Fantoft, it began to rain. Oh, not rain, but small ice ball. Very fast and very hard, they hit my helmet and the bicycle with clear BANG-BANG sound. Oh, my GOD! What a strange weather! It’s still sunny out range of 300m.  I felt proud of my smart risk-prediction when I left my room. Now I can understant that it’s ab-fucking-solutely true to take your raincoat always with you,  whatever the weather it is.

The ice-ball drop stopped when I rided to the Castle. It’s really beautiful!!! Very silent, and very clear. Some Norwegians are walking around with their dog, and some guys are fishing beside the water.  The water(see or lake?) is shaped into a Fjord-like one by the two montains beside. The Gamlehaugen park is on the hill of one side, the Castle is right on the top of the hill. It’s open freely to the public, except when the family of royal  come and live inside. The description says it has a very long history(more than 200 years). It was a farm originally. Then the ship-owner and politician Christian Michelsen bought it and had it built as a Scottish-style castle. He was the first Prime Minister when Norway got independent from Sweden in 1905. He lived there from 1907 to 1925, the year he died. It said they(with his wife) were buried in the Estate. But I can not found the tomb.

What the pity is that I found the battery was empty for the camera. NND!  Maybe it wishes me to go there one more time. Next weekend, deal!

Fig.1  My trail today                               Fig.2   Photo from Bergen-guide



5 responses

18 04 2006


18 04 2006

Hi Sterding
I like your blogg.
Please keep writting it in english. 
My Chineese is not so  good.
Keep up the good work.
Maybe I can come with you to the castle next week.
David. If you are readig this
Best wishes

18 04 2006

Come on! He is KEVIN, not David!  You are really a TUBAOZI!   😛
I replied to Kevin tonight, his email was found in my SPAM folder. 
Hope to talk and take beer together!!

21 04 2006

Hey Achilles, who misses me?

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