14 04 2006
Some spark from today
1. Input-output Balance
Spark from a paraphrase of David Lewis: "Reading makes a person full. Speaking makes a person ready. Writing makes a person exact. Listening makes a person wise."  I found I prefer to speaking and writing, but not reading and listening, which are well done by Akhil. I found the funny guy  had very good habit in reading. There are always some different books with different subjects when I visit his room. Unlike me, there are always the two books, Learning Perl and Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics. We discussed this topic tonight, about the different character/habit for different people; I prefer to writing blog, but Akhil prefers to reading Bill Gate. It’s normal for people have different features. But the point is that we need to balance our feature. Just as AKhil said, ‘ you need to get before you show’, yes, similarily, you need to input before you output. Always to output, but not input is not a good habit.
Conclusion: Try to read more things, and try to listen more than talking.
2. target="_blank" does NOT work for new window link.

Before, we used

<a href="document.html" target="_blank">click to Open in new window</a>

to open a URL in a new window. But now it can not pass the W3C validation check with the following error msg("there is no attribute target for this element(in this HTML version)"), which is one rule of the new strict DOCTYPE of HTML4.01/XHTML1.0/XHTML1.1.

Refer to:

  • Kevin Yank的《New-Window links in a Standards-Compliant World》
  • 《Standards-based Replacement for target="_blank" in External links》

    3. Some good websites:

  •  —- 
  • Very good for knowledge on what you do not know)

  •          —-
  • free resource for download, like software, music, game….

  •               —-
  • very good for music hunting




    One response

    12 05 2006

    \’you need to input before you output\’ is so cool…I really enjoy your blog! Good luck! Cya

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