11 04 2006
When I was ready for writing blog,the call ringed, from Akhil. He is really a funny guy. Each time when I met him, I could always have myself relax and laughing…
And we called Kevin, the Irland guy we met two months ago. Kevin is in sleeping, maybe. But he is very happy to receive our call, excited! We talked about our recent living, work… I would go to Cambridge for conference, but have no time for Irland. I really want to take a trip to England, Irland, the places around that regions, a very mysterious place/country, with richful culture style and similar conflict like China mainland and Taiwan.
Today, I received my salary from the cost center, including the returned tax, totally 35000 NOK.  A very big amount of money! When I cashed the check, the bank clerk almost can not believe of my ability to carry the money back to home safely. He gave me a big envolope, and asked me to put the money in it, and kept the envolope well inside of my inner pocket. Very interesting, the guy even want to help me to check the safety and double-confirm after I put it well. I really want to say to him: "Hey, I’m from CHINA". Maybe he don’t know the confusion/mess case in China, especially in the city like Guangzhou, people could be robbed even in the daytime or in crowd. So, as a Chinese in Norway, I could have very good ‘immunity’ to the so-called danger here. ^_^
Anyway, people here are much nice and friendly, not only the assistant in the bank, but also the policeman for trafic. Today, when I rush out to the bank for the beloved MONEY,  a policeman with a motor car suddently occurred beside my bike, stopped me and said something angrily to me(Norwegian). I knew it must be because I rushed through the red light.  The policeman transferred to English, and said to me:’ You had rushed through two red lights!’  Really? I even did not notice that."Please don’t do that next time, OK?"  CHOU DA LE! Awkward enough! I explained to the policeman my case of taking money before the close time of bank… Thanks God that he did not ask me for my personal number.
Have a nice sleep! Tomorrow is the last working day before Easter holiday. I need to report to Boris how about the things going for my project. There are 5 days holiday, from April 13 to April 17. But most Norwegians had begun their holiday since last weekend, so for most people, it’s actually a long-time holiday. All stores would close from tomorrow afternoon. Remember to go shopping for food tomorrow!



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11 04 2006


13 04 2006

你小子, 挣得不少吗, 啥时回来请我们客呀?  我们现在经常去腐败, 平均每月2-3次, 有好多机会轮到你做庄喔.  Ramble

13 04 2006

挺想给你们打个电话的,代我跟大家问好!Dennis, 阿昌,老赖,阿威,肥妹,村长 。。。。

13 04 2006

i will pick up my salarylip tomorrow.
hopefully, i also got tax refund from last year!
enjoy your ester holidays. Definitely 🙂

13 04 2006

Definitely yes! :P

13 04 2006

u two "definitely" need to serve us something "definitely" good

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