Goodbye Party

10 03 2006
Very sleepy!
Met some friends in the club and slept until 4:00am yesterday. Just finished the goodbye Waffles party for a guy who will leave BCCS today. I was assigned to be one of organizers. It’s ok!

Today I am going to leave Bergen, too. Even the manuscript is still umfinished (actually speaking, it’s just a outline now), I don’t have energy to work more. Just felt sleepy and boring. The next half month from today would be a tired one, spending the days by transferring city by city, Bergen-Oslo-Copenhagen-Shanghai-Jinjiang… I had been eager for that, but when the day comes, I find it is not so excited as before, and others are not so excited either. It’s OK~ Just take it as a routine trip, to visit someone, to see someone. That’s all!
Anyway, it’s my mother’s birthday. If there is nobody like me, mother would definitely like me. That’s OK!
Just do it, relax, and let it be itself. Never ask/press someone to do what they don’t want to do! Let it be, let it be!!




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10 03 2006

to stay with mama,to take her to do shopping,to take her around Wuhan,to make her pass a happy visit some friends,to walk/sit besides the Xuanwu lake lonely,to drink relaxablly with one or two friends,to sleep in sunshine somewhere in Nanjing,to take two LIANG dumpline out of the SEU south gateto slow down,to take a rest,to stay with the beloved one scilently,to sleep for the whole dayThat\’s what I hope for the trip!

12 03 2006


15 09 2008

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