26 02 2006
Some people told me that Bergen is not a good place to stay longer, because of the "too much less" here; less people, less shopping mall, less skyscraper,… anyway, less choice. But in other words, you actually had more choices in the other direction — Just like the saying, when the God close a door to you, he must open a window for you.(I’m not sure of the translation)– Here, you can find and enter into a very nice forest to enjoy the fresh air and natural view freely. All of these only take 15 minutes of your cherish time, even you live in the high-density residence district like Fantoft. I value it very much when I recall the days when I worked in Guangzhou. I still felt disguised when I thought of the jammed car stream on the way from/to plant. Dirt, noise, shouting…. any of these could make you crazy! Bad~~~
I even did not crop or edit much for the pictures. I just improt from the camera and upload to the space. It’s really nature, which makes you feel calm and silent. I like blue, the color of the sea and the sky. But actually, I did not walk to the sea side here yet. Maybe next time…



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