Talk with Akhil

18 02 2006
An black tall guy was standing outside when I opened the door and went to the kitchen. Oh, my God! It’s Akhil.
We had not met each other for a long time, maybe after the New Year’s festival. I was not so good during this period, and also not sure of his status. So, just keep untouched with each other. It’s really surprising for me to see him tonight. We had a long talk with happy mood.
It’s always funny to talk with him. And I got to know that he was busy between school, work and Fantoft. He got some part-time job in somewhere for salary, and some positon in some Student organization just for practice. He said the job is not so good. But he always could address a high mood when talking.
‘Good friends,we are good friends to share information’, like what he said, he really show me some valuable information and good comments for my recent status. We talked about the work-life balance, the pressure we faced recently, the IAESTE organization, the musican bar(like Hulen, Garage near the city), the ISU, the student radio, something like that. Of course, I’m not interested with all of these things, but it’s reasonable to make your work more efficient and your life more enjoyable, if you could well control the balance between work and life. It’s true. Maybe I got a little nervous about my work recently, and too worried is a pressure sometimes. But the real efficience is not so high actually. Most time are wasted in surfing the internet or addicted into my MSN space. It’s bad!!
I also talked with him the idea of picking up my mother to here for a short time. Akhil is much logical than me, even he is much younger than me. Very good opinion, like calling the Chinese Embassy here for help, asking 123 from them. Yes, to talk with more persons would be a good way to get more information. For the embassy officers, maybe(just maybe) they can think about my mother’s case in a top level of view. Hope so. Just have a try!
Tomorrow, I would ask Akhil to have my hair cut, into a very short one. I need to change something of mine.
Have a good night, for everyone!



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18 02 2006


19 02 2006

hehe, no! I study here.

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