10 02 2006
—-Come back from the group mtg.  Thanks for David’s muffin

I just thought whether I can figure out the UCRs distribution in chromosome like the graph in this page. Also a sliding window (25kb or some length) along with the chr, calculate the UCRs number or percentage of DNA classified as UCRs… something like that. Maybe we can compare between different fish species.
Since we already had the UCRs data for zebrafish,human,mouse,fugu (maybe more should be included), I think it would come out someday in next week.

Boris mentioned the synteny again, for instance, two genes (x, y) in Mouse_chr1 occur in the same order in Human_chr4. Maybe we can get some idea after drawing out that kind of cases.

David presented the topic of TSS(transcription start site) Turnover. Very interesting phenomenon! Maybe UCRs–Gene also has that kind of topic.




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