8 02 2006
Awkward!—-In Chinese, JIONG SI LE!
That’s my true feeling at this moment; I even need to spend almost one hour to write a Perl script which functions as renaming the extension name of files in one directory(e.g. change all *.txt files to *.fa). It maybe take only 5-10sec for most research fellows here. You can guess the embarrassment I face…

Can I cry out?
When I talked with Xin in the canteen, and heard that he would submit his 3rd paper in this Friday, I really felt the tears falling down in my heart—since he just came here one month earlier than me.
But I can’t! Nobody believes in tear here. Just like P&G only believe in your performance, here they only believe in your imporvement, your speed, your idea, and your conclusion. "You have to push yourself with some pressure, otherwise your idea would be published in tomorrow’s magazine with others’ name in the author list", Xin said like this. He also recalled his 4-year PhD experience in Liverpool, which makes himself to become 3yrs older in mental age than in bodily age. For me, I’m not a new comer again. My 2nd month here had passed by. I would encounter the same case with Xin, too.

Anyway, I still want to paste my first Perl script here, even though it is programmed under the terribly awkward mood.

My first Perl script; for files rename
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

## Change all *.txt files to *.fa

my $dir = shift;
my @files = <*txt>;

for my $f (@files) {
my $c = $f;
$c =~ s/txt/fa/;
print "$f>>>>>>>$c\n";
rename $f, $c;
print "Rename finished!";

Todo list to erase the embarrassment ASAP:
1. Grasp Perl programming
2. Learn Linux commands
3. UCSC resourse overview

And a tip for myself—Make notes while learning; it’s very very important; one can learn lots of things, but he could only remember some of them.




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