5 02 2006
Just received the greeting from Jessica, and for the delayed contact list and pictures for the festival party. She asked me "How is your life going?"
It seemed that I had not contacted with anyone after the party, mainly for the tireness. And some weird things happened during the last week…
But now, all are recovering. Had a good rest, took some time to calm down myself, prepared some good food(still wish to drink some red wine with nice friends), enjoy some music… That’s what I did for the recovery.
I’m also very happy that Joyce and I could come back to the table …
Maybe this weekend or next weekend, I would go hiking to Ulriken



4 responses

6 02 2006

Come to France, we have the best red wine. 🙂

6 02 2006

hehe, 真的挺想去的!我500大洋买的电饭煲还在法国呢

7 02 2006

      新年,没有给朋友太多的祝福, 我知道你们都这样坚持着!但还可以庆欣,至少我们都过了年!

8 02 2006

miss you all!I also felt lucky to save my love back from the edge. To be abroad lonely, it\’s really a challenge sometime for us keep constant relationship with the love in China, especially for the emotional persons (just like me). I don\’t want to lose something easily, since I (not only me) had done great efforts on it. So, ….. I\’m back!To miss and to be missed, both are very nice feeling.  :)Keep in touch, when you feel lonely in this cold winter. Spring is coming… ^_^

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