Todo list

3 02 2006
1. read Perl API Tutorial and make notes (Sunday)
2. get the gene symbol for the top 50 UCRs cluster. (Today)
3. talk with Altuna on the salmon project (Tuesday)
4. discuss witth Altuna on group website design (Monday)
5. play badminton (Saturday)
6. guide Kevin around the downtown (Saturday)
7. meet the orienteering group (Tuesday)
8. read paper–New technologies, new findings,… (before next Friday)
9. select and take gym course (before next week)
10. go to politi for work-permit, tax-card(Monday)
11. view "How to read paper" (Wendesday)
12. Chapter2 of "Learning Perl" (Saturday)
13. Self-training of UCSC Genome Brower (Thursday)
14. LiDL for shopping (next Friday)
15. review of "gene synteny, ortholog"(1, 2, 3,) (before Friday)



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