Busy but enjoyable days

24 01 2006
Today is a normal day, raining outside.
I’m still in sickness, coughing. But I think it’s on the edge of reconvery. hehe~ Thanks for the greeting from people around. I always can not fit well with the heater in my room, but have no idea on how to deal with it. So, the air in the room is much dry. I’m always stupid in taking care of myself.

This morning is said to be a big morning for me (by someone). To get my salary, pay the house rent, occasionally meet Jessica and talk with the free-lancer together…  But I think the most happiness for me is to change my keyboard finally, from an old European one to a new English one. So, now my finger tips could smoothly work on typing the letter.

The coming party is still a focus for my living this week. Maybe more than 80 persons would come on that day. It would definitely be a big challenge for my leadership. But fortunately, I can get unexpected support from some buddies, like Jessica Xiao, Zhang Dong etc. If time is possible, I am sure it would be a great party.

Learning Perl, Ensembl Perl API, and following the script for UCRs scanning would be my main focus in project this week. I’ve delayed a long time for the commencement. And relatively poor both in skill and in knowledge comparing with those guys in the office, like Par had published 3 papers in Nature magazine. All of these are a kind of pressure and also a role model for me. Sometimes, I even worried whether Boris would fire me after the 6-month probation.^_^ Hope not! Bless me~

Even coughing, and with some pressure in working, I still think it’s a good status for me–a little busy, but enjoyable. This morning, I received the reply from Otto, the head of orienteering club in UiB. They take a regular training on every Tuesday, jogging/running to Floyen or somewhere around. I’m little excited to find the dreamed group. Maybe after my recovery from the cold, I would join the training with them.

The Lunar new year’s day is coming. I’m working on the festival party. But I did not have time to make a call to my family and my friends in China. Definitely, I miss you all, esp. my mum. It’s the second time that I could not enjoy the festival with you. Bless you, dear mum.




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