Hello, world!

27 12 2005
Hello, everybody!  Hello, world!

I’m in office now, and a new day begins! (even it’s 12:38PM already) There is only one guy in the office, Altuna, from Turkey!
Loudly say hello to him and begin to write here…

For me, the X-mas is not only a holiday, but also a watershed for my living/studying in Bergen. I look upon the days before the holiday as the Start-up period. To settle down in Fantoft with all complex procedure, to get familiar with the living environment around, to get along well with the neighbors, to build up the relationship network with Chinese in UiB and in China. That’s in living. In working, to meet with Boris, to understand the proposal of my future project, to set up the required environment for research, to get to know the guys’ research background in our lab.
In the next coming phase, I really have to enter into the well-designed work-life balance.
No more sleep until natural wake-up;
no more confusion about the schedule for next day;
no more irregular meal time;
no more alcohol drinking, too hot/salty/spicy eating;
no more self-blame for the delay of the plan;
no more time waste for sitting before the laptop and chatting for a whole night;
To meet with or report to Boris more than once a week;
to take a physical exercise(aerobics, badminton or hiking) every 2-3 days;
to get up before 9:00AM every morning;
to go to bed before 12:00 every night;
to drink a glass of water after getting up;
to drink a cup of milk before sleeping;
to write a short note for the plan of next day every night;
to keep reading at least one hour every night.

Reference about habit formation:
1. 21 Days to A Positive-Attitude Habit
2. An inte. 21 Days to A Positive-Attitude Habit resting topic disscussion about "28 days to form a habit?"




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