farewell letter from marketing professor! (zz)

25 12 2005
farewell letter from marketing professor!(zz from the following link)
This visiting professor is the student of Philip Kotler,巨能侃,大家都说他应该去主持talk show!此文为临别赠言,酷似英文版《与妻书》!就是太长了。不过瞧瞧人家的英文,没用什么太难的词,但能打动any international students of English as a second language!
"As you are preparing tonight for your final exam I am packing up my office and getting set to take on my next set of challenges in life. So, as I close one chapter in my life and move on to the next I want to be sure to let you folks no how much I enjoyed my time here and my association with all of you. I also want to pass on some quick advice that I hope will help you over the next few years.

As I mentioned in class, as you move ahead, you will face a very uncertain picture. But with uncertainty comes tremendous opportunity for those who are able. But to be ready tomorrow you will need to continue your education. Not that one needs to come back to school but one needs to apply the lessons learned over these next 2 years and employ the theories they have come to embrace in a manner that allows them to continue to learn. If you do this, I am sure that you will succeed in these uncertain times, because, it will be your continued development that will ensure your success.

Over the next two years you will acquire the tools to compete with anyone in this economy of the "new millennium." And I hope that you do understand this! You are now learning with a very select group of talented individuals that will help to shape the world. Not just the world of business, but the world in which all of us live. You see, as I said in class, it is easy to think of yourself as average when you compare yourself to the people you sit next to. But Please Realize! These are not average people! If you were average, you would not have been recruited by this fine institution. Alternatively, this means that you should not expect the law of averages to apply to you! So if people talk about a "poor job market" or the "average worker" remember! –They are not talking about you! And if you ever want to make your old Professor proud, have the conviction and self-confidence to expect more than that from your life!

And as you leave my class I want to applaud you. My applause is not for what you have done as though this ballet has finished. No, my applause is one of encouragement, as you would applaud for your favorite athletes to encourage them to do what not even they know they are capable of. For you see, you are the players of today and the champions of tomorrow.

As you move ahead I am sure that you will become champions if you follow a few simple rules. So, if I can be so bold, (and you know I am) as to offer you a bit of advice and to repeat myself, let me provide a few rules that I believe will help you on your way.

1) Use your time wisely. Understand the value of time. It is our most precious resource.
The great American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson, once wrote:
"Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life."

In my forty plus years on the planet I have come to realize that time is a harsh measure that waits for no one. Time will be your greatest asset but how you spend it will be your greatest challenge. I have always tried to live by a simple principal—
I never let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of doing it. The time will pass anyway; you might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.

2) Seize the opportunities that exist. Stand at the plate of life and swing your stick mightily! You will have prepared yourself over these next two years for the opportunity to do so.
Maybe the greatest hockey player of all time Wayne Gretzky once said
One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in!
So – Take your shots! And if they don’t work learn from your mistakes and fire again! Great accomplishments seldom come without the strength to challenge what has been held to be the status quo. Do Great Things and leave your mark. Babe Ruth was known for his 714 home runs— but few remember that he struck out a major league record number of times!

3) Never limit your dreams and do not, as I said in class, ever let anyone else limit them for you. You can be whatever you want to be. Expect to succeed and expect to achieve. I have found that it is very rare that an individual exceeds his own expectations. Have great expectations and put forth the effort to achieve them.

4) Always act in a manner that will bring honor to you and those that you love and respect. The Chinese leader Sun Yat Sen once urged the people of China to understand the importance of their actions and I quote
"even when you are alone you should behave as though you are not." (正是所谓的"慎独")
I want to take a moment here to warn you. This may be the toughest of all of these suggestions. In the past several years you students have watched the corporate and accounting scandals that have followed the disclosures of Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossing, Kmart and the like. I warned my other students over the past years that the reprecussions of these revelations would have dramatic effects on the Capital markets of the United States and the world, and the way in which businesses operate and attract resources in the future. The total effect of these revelations will not be fully known for many years. But we are starting to feel the first effects of these actions. The actions of the management of ENRON alone caused more than 40 thousand employees to lose their jobs, we have watched as Investors lost over 300billion dollars in market wealth and those employees that lost their jobs also watched their retirement picture worsen dramatically. And what of the trading partners and customers of these firms? All of them suffered irreparable damages to their reputations, wealth and existence because of the unethical actions of a few.

The actions of these few have highlighted to me what may be the greatest challenge that you will face. I would like to back up here for a second to share my own understanding of this. Last year Alex Davern CFO of National Instruments told a group of my MBA students that the greatest challenge that they will face is the challenge of how to act as you lead. Yes lead. You will do so many great things in the future, but as you move to new heights as COO’s, CFO’s CEO’s and directors you will need to be responsible for many people and their futures. I warn you——-!!! Yes I warn you! You WILL!! have great success but with great success comes GREAT responsibility.

The American President Abraham Lincoln once said
"To test a man let him face adversity— But to truly test a man Give him power."

Over the coming years you will be faced with the burden of power and I am confident that you will stand up to the test if you follow the lessons that you have learned here at EMORY and you will act in the manner prescribed by Sun Yat SEN-Yes′ always act as though someone is watching and never do things that you would not want your friends, your family, or your business associates to read about on the pages of a newspaper. Act in a manner that will make your children proud and you shall have few regrets!

Many years from now – and after the numerous successes that you have accomplished -many of you will not recall a great deal of what was written here, what was said in my class, and many of you will not even remember me. But, what I do hope you will remember is that now was a great time. It may be the middle of exams— but it is a time in which your lives are being transformed and a time when new possibilities and new challenges became possible.

And as you look ahead I hope that you will recall the lessons you learn here and ply your trade with the determination, ethics and integrity that I have seen over the past three months. Because if there is one thing I am certain of, it is that the world of business and the world in which we all live will be a better place for it.
Thank you all for your attention this semester and for your attention this one last time. It has been my honor to have been involved in your education.
Remember I am just a call away. "



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