Chinese Food Menu

23 12 2005
hors d’oeuvers Jinjiang style锦江拼盆
butterfly-shaped appetizer蝴蝶冷盆
assorted appetizer什锦冷盘
eight-diagram-shaped appetizer太极八卦
spiced chicken liver and gizzard卤鸡珍肝
shredded boiled pork meat卤牛肉
spicy chicken giblets卤鸡杂
salted duck gizzards盐水鸭肫
duck wing tips鸭翅膀
cold duck web拌鸭掌
duck flippers with mustard sauce芥末鸭掌
spiced peanuts五香花生仁
sautésword beans with dried shrimps开洋炝刀豆
pickled hot vegetables泡辣菜
cold vermicelli with mustard and meat shreds冷拌粉皮
wine preserved crabs醉蟹
boiled shrimps with salt咸水虾
sliced pork tripe in hot chili oil红油肚片
chicken pickled in fermented rice wine sauce糟鸡
roast duck / goose烧鸭(鹅)
multi-flavor chicken怪味鸡
spiced beef麻辣牛肉条
mixed meat in aspic白切肉
sautémeat and vegetable什锦肉冻
marinated chicken feet五香凤爪
spiced marinated chicken五香酱鸡
chicken skin with mustard sauce芥末鸡皮
chicken slices with bean jelly sheets鸡丝粉皮
chicken sings with chili sauce and sesame paste辣味麻酱鸡翅
roast duck shred in sauce拌烤鸭丝
duck cutlets with sesame paste麻酱鸭块
stewed salt-preserved duck桂花盐水鸭
shrimp chip虾片
cucumber with jellyfish and dried shelled shrimp瓜皮虾
raw fish in sauce生拌鱼

double-stewed soup老火汤
pork and radish soup连锅汤
three fresh delicacies soup三鲜汤
five-flavored mutton soup五滋汤
shark’s fin soup鱼翅汤
scallop soup干贝汤
snake potage with eight delicacies八珍蛇羹
stewed white gourd soup with eight ingredients八宝冬瓜盅
ginseng and black hen soup人参炖乌鸡
laver egg soup紫菜蛋花汤
soup with bamboo shoots and fresh mush竹笋鲜蘑汤
mushroom soup清炖冬菇汤
Mt. Lushan stone fungus soup庐山石耳汤
sliced roast火鸭芥菜汤
mashed chicken and asparagus soup芦笋鸡茸汤
consommé of snow egg with bean sprouts豆苗鞭蓉蛋汤

pork with preserved vegetable梅菜扣肉
steamed minced pork with salt fish咸鱼蒸肉饼
sautédiced pork fillet with brown sauce酱炸里脊丁
ham with fresh bamboo shoots鲜笋火腿
braised pork leg红烧猪蹄
pig tripe with chili sauce麻辣猪肚
sliced meat and liver with fried rice crust双片锅巴
pork chops with bean sauce豆豉排骨
pork chops with sweet and sour sauce糖醋排骨
sautépork cubelets with hot pepper宫保肉丁
meat with cayenne pepper麻辣白肉
braised pork tendons红烧蹄筋
meat balls braised with brown sauce红烧狮子头
fried crisp pork slices with sugar powder糖粉酥肉
roasted suckling pig烤乳猪
fried crisp pork脆皮锅酥肉
stewed pork with preserved bean curd腐乳炖肉
braised pork slices in soy sauce红烧扣肉
quick-fried pork and scallions葱爆肉
sweet and sour pork咕噜肉
steamed pork with rice flavor in lotus leaves荷叶粉蒸肉
double cooked pork slices回锅肉
beef with orange peel陈皮牛肉
mutton shashlik烤羊肉串
rinse-mutton / mutton slices rinsed in chafing dish涮羊肉
mutton braised in brown sauce红烧羊肉

bird’ s nest in crystal sugar冰糖燕窝
braised snipe in port wine红酒烧竹鸡
grilled young pigeon铁扒乳鸽
minced quail鹌鹑松
eggs preserved in wine糟蛋
pickled egg酱蛋
egg in tea茶叶蛋
spiced goose wing tps and webfeet蒸腊鹅
spiced goose, Chaozhou style潮州卤鹅
roast goose, Chaozhou style潮州烧雁鹅
braised whole duck in soy sauce红烧全鸭
spiced duck五香鸭
steamed Nanjing salted duck蒸南京板鸭
roast Beijing duck北京烤鸭
sliced chicken in wine sauce香糟鸡片
deep fried spring chicken炸童子鸡
steamed chicken in lotus leaf packets荷叶粉蒸鸡
fried chicken in paper packets炸纸包鸡
chicken in orange flavor陈皮鸡
curry chicken咖喱鸡
braised chicken in casserole砂锅鸡
mud-baked chicken叫化子鸡

consomméof abalone清汤鲍鱼
consomméof fish maw清汤鱼肚
steamed sea conch清蒸大响螺
griddle cooked shark’ s fin干烤鱼翅
fried oysters炸牡蛎
stewed scallops with fresh mushrooms鲜菇烧干贝
stewed sea cucumber in brown sauce红烧海参
steamed grass carp in soy sauce豉油蒸鲩鱼
fried silver carp’s head with sheet jelly粉皮鱼头
sautécuttlefish rolls with scallion葱爆目鱼卷
stewed yellow croaker fillets in rice wine sauce糟溜鱼片
fish slices with egg white芙蓉鱼片
fried yellow croaker in squirrel shape松鼠黄鱼
shrimp with crisp fish Sichuan style四川香酥鱼
whole fried fish with pinenuts烧松子鱼
fresh cuttlefish in chili sauce with peanuts宫保墨鱼
Lushan fried stone fish with egg white庐山芙蓉石鱼
bream fish in chicken oil鸡油武昌鱼
steamed Yellow River carp清蒸黄河鲤
steamed bass清蒸鲈鱼
shrimp with lobster sauce虾龙糊
fried fresh crab wit ginger sauce姜汁大肉蟹
fish maw with crab meat蟹粉鱼肚
fried prawns干烧大虾
pan sautéshrimps wit egg white煎芙蓉虾

stir-fried rice炒饭
congee / porridge粥;稀饭
rice crust锅巴
hot candied apple拔丝苹果
sweet tender beamcured豆腐花
zongzi (sticky rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves)粽子
sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves糯米糕
steamed corn-bread窝头
deep fried twisted dough stick油条
jiaozi (dumpling with vegetable and meat stuffing)饺子
fried jiaozi / soft fried dumpling锅贴
tangyuan / stuffed dumpling ball汤圆
hundun, dumpling, ravioli馄饨
shaomai (a steamed dumpling with the dough gathered the top)烧麦
moon cake月饼
sesame seed cake烧饼
steamed sponge cake蜂糕
deep-fried dough cake油饼
fried meat pie馅饼
jujube paste cake枣泥饼
scallion cake葱油饼
fried spring roll春卷
fancy roll银丝卷
steamed roll花卷
Goubuli stuffed bun狗不理包子
steamed dumpling with pork小笼包
steamed dumplings stuffed with red bean paste豆沙包
mantou (steamed bun)馒头
rice noodles过桥米线
dandan noodles, Sichuan style担担面
New Year cake年糕
eight-treasure rice pudding八宝饭




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22 10 2006

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