Plan for Chinese’s X-mas Party on Dec. 24

21 12 2005
Place: Fantoft Studentboligor C-1513 (Kitchen room of Sterding)
Time: Dec. 24, 6:00pm(begin)
Member: Ying, Li HW, Yao CH, Xin Q, Wang RH, Dong XJ, Gu XH couple, Zhao XF couple, Dr. Liang couple + 1 child. [totally 13 persons]
Party style: Dumpling + dinner + playing
Owner: Dong Xianjun
Owner: Li Hongwei
Material: stuffing (meat[1kg] + vegetable[500g] + mushroon[200g] + shrimp[200g]), flour(2kg), other flavoring
Tools: GAN MIAN GUN or Beer bottle
Participators: 6-7 persons
Dish Cooking:
Owner: Sheng Ying
Material: vegetable + pork + fish + toast chicken + egg
Tools: None
Participators: 3-4 persons
Room Decroration:
Owner: Wang RH, Zhao XF
Material: Colour paper, candle, music, CD player
Participators: 1-2 persons
Owner: Xin Qin, Gu XH
Role: the kitchen cleaning and plates washing after the party;
Participators: 2-3 persons.
Let’s dutch split the cost.



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22 12 2005


22 12 2005

Dear all,I\’m very glad to hear that more Chinese would like to enjoy the X-mas party together with us. So far, there are 13 persons who had agreed to come with us. I think it would be a big and nice party for us Chinese in UiB. I\’m trying to find more chairs, hehe! Here, I wish to share my idea on the preparation for our party. Let\’s take the process of whole involvement. Here, I need some buddies to act as an owner for the small groups as list in the following plan. You just take a responsibility of organizing the relative part, including preparing the required materials, finding your members and finishing the assignment with them.Actually, as the owner of the party, I should prepare all required materials for you, including the flour for dumpling, the meat and the vegetable. But I\’m really not believe my ability to control all things. So, here I need the owner for each item to help me prepare all required materials for you group. You can buy it from the supermarket, or you can gather from your group member, or you can rub from the Norwegian family(^_^ just kidding). Of course, if you buy it from the supermarket, please remember to keep the receipt. We would share the cost as the following said.Especially, here I want to suggest that we share the cost together, just like we share the happiness together, because it\’s party with 13 persons. Do you think it is OK for you? If ok, I would ask the owners to hand in the receipt for the required materials, and calculate the average cost that everyone should pay. The result would be announced at the end of the party.Pls reply to me ASAP, if you have any questions.BTW, pls help me to forward this those who are not in the mail list.Best wishes!Xianjun

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