Hike to Fløyen

17 12 2005
Just back home from hiking to Mount Fløyen, Michael brought me a really excited experience at his last night in Bergen. He will leave Fantoft for X-mas holiday in tomorrow’s afternoon, also as the end of study in Bergen. When packing the baggage, he suddenly invited me to hike the famous Mount Fløyen near the Fishing Market (city center). I totally understood his feeling before leaving. So the agreement was got after 2 seconds.
Bag, bread, juice, flashlight, gloves, cat, coat….All is ready for the crazy hiking. You know, it’s only my 13th days in this city.
It began snowing, big one like a petal for every piece. Only we two were waiting for the bus in the Fantoft bus station. Talked about the Chinese/Austria similar tale of 天女散花 loudly, stepped new footprints and watched the snow to cover them happily.
On the bus, I noticed that I even did not take anything after the lunch. Feel hungry, and enter into a restaurant directly after get off the bus. It’s McDonalds!!! It’s my first time to McDonalds here.(see the picture). Eat two hamburgers with 10kr each. It’s much cheap here.
Then go up to the Mount.:)
It’s really beautiful! All are a tale world. Dark blue sky, white ground with snow coverd, Euro-style houses with yellow walls and white roof, the smooth lamp light on the road and even some open windows with X-mas candles and flowers in it,… all of these showed a magic but real world. We went through the silent village and only the clop-clop from the step in the snow. It’s very nice.
I really got some tired. Just see the gallery.
Thank Michael and merry X-mas to you.
URL Reference:
1. Guide to Bergen
2. Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Fløybanen)
3. Hiking in Bergen, Norway



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17 12 2005


18 12 2005

it looks you are getting excited to be there–glad to know that. wish you a merry X-mas and happy new year.

18 12 2005

Thank you, Tony!I\’m fine here. Please send my greeting to all guys in P&G. Miss u all, and wish you a nice holiday.BTW, your son is really a cute one. Happy father! Best wishes~:)

18 12 2005


18 12 2005


18 12 2005

谢谢“毛毛蘑菇茸茸耳朵 ”, 谢谢“胡一刀”。For me, everything here is fine. It\’s not so cold as I thought before. And it is more near from China as I imaged before.

20 07 2007

actually i didn\’t remember when i leave the message for you still i seen here.
that\’s funny,it\’s two years ago.

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