Hello, Bergen!

13 12 2005
Just now, I decided to set down my space for the world in Bergen here.
It’s still raining this morning. After back from the cost center of UIB, I returned through the park near the big gray building in the campus. It’s really large and beautiful, even in the rainy time. Somebody are walking inside with a baby sitter. Tall trees, sick falling leaves, green grassland, European style building, the hill with fog covered,….All of these implied in my mind that in a nice afternoon with sunshine between the trees, I come here with my faviroute Nikon D70, satisfiedly to grasp the beautiful senic as I need.
These days for the procedure of settling down, I had to walk through this small city around and around. It’s really a calm one. Just like Tim said, there is no much show-off in this city. Maybe it’s because of the rain. Before I came here, I was told that there are almost 200 raining days in one year. That makes people have to slow down their steps when walking in this city.
I’m coming, Bergen!



7 responses

13 12 2005

呵呵,不管怎样,偶先支持一下啦。 兮~~~~~~~~~~~~~

13 12 2005

thanks anyway, even I don\’t know you at all.

13 12 2005


14 12 2005


14 12 2005

Yes! It\’s a pretty nice place here. All people are every gengle and helpful. I like this city!

14 12 2005

hope our country will be as beautiful as it.

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